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As ever, there are a range of masterplans in the offing, each one drawing gradually closer. The new year has also brought in some new ones.

The Great Cornish Pub Tour
New women's magazine
Fistral new surf centre

  • Currently, putting this site together is one. The journalism section takes long enough by itself what with thousands of stories to sort through and format. The interactive Cornish Pub Tour is going to be sensational but for the moment you'll have to take my word for it. I am still pondering how to upload all my research, pictures and writing without having it ripped off.

  • Slightly more interestingly, I have worked out the finer details of my website for the Top 100 ever music albums that I spent months compiling. God only knows why newspapers won't buy the feature off me, but sod em, the site is a brilliant idea. Any money will come from the Amazon/CD Now affiliate schemes. I will create the content making it the finest site on the Net for each album. Try to interview all the people behind them - meaning I also get to interview some great musicians - and Bob's your uncle.

  • Then there's Rodger Witt's Wordcraft audio course, which is outstanding to be frank. Plan is to set up another site selling that in chunks of MP3 using BT's new click payment system and probably PayPal too for non-UK readers. The site needs to be built and the digital tape converted in a studio to MP3. Plus of course, setting up a company etc etc.

  • Big plan. New woman's magazine. This one's been rolling round my head for a while. Got several very talented female friends interested and have about ten brilliant ideas already. Of course the major problem is selling it to a publisher. Emap looks like a good bet - it's lost Red and has a new chief exec keen to prove his worth. There will be alot more about it on these pages soon.

  • I also plan to do some Newquay big feature pieces. Newquay airport is a story waiting to happen, as is the new surf centre at Fistral. Oh, and Towan Island which is remaining stubbornly difficult to find out about.

    Oh, and the artifical reef. Although I suppose I'll tie that in with the surf centre piece.

  • Nominet, ICANN and the future of the Internet. God, how long have I been trying to write this? I have, however, finally done a big feature on the insane world of domain names (sold to The Register). See here for Part One of it. I have also done a long piece on the extraordinary meeting in Geneva at which the battle lines for control of the Net were clearly drawn.

  • Then of course there are my books - The Great Drunks and the Music Video book. I am also planning a book or extended feature on the story behind Plus, my Internet short stories (a few done) and my War on Terror short stories - planned but not written.

  • And then the eternal project of getting fitter and doing more weights. This year might just be the one.

There's some more but fortunately I've forgotten them for the minute.

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